When it comes to choosing the best country to live in, your answer depends on what country is best? Whether it’s financially stable, climatic changes, or standard of living, these factors define the country. 

Many surveys and news outlets have unveiled their findings on which country people view as the best to call home. Almost every report determines that the best country to live in is Canada. There are various Canadian Immigration Consultancies that may help you fulfill your dreams. But one of the trusted Canadian Immigration Consultancy is Achintya Immigration Consultant. 

Canada is considered the safest place to live and one of the friendliest places. If you plan to move to Canada, it would be the best decision. Here comes the point why Canada is so popular? What attracts people to Canada? This article will cover the reasons which will clarify why Canada is one of the best countries for a Quality Lifestyle.


1. Healthcare in Canada

Canada offers accessible basic healthcare facilities to everyone, and Canadian citizens pay for it via the taxation system. This system gives Canadian citizens access to all, which attracts the people to Canada.

2. Quality Of Life In Canada

Canada is well known for its high standard of living and quality of life, and it is the perfect place to enjoy the environment. It is considered one of the most liberal and progressive countries globally, where you can enjoy an exciting and energizing class. 

It is well-said that Canadians value their time, evident in the number of public holidays.


3. The Average Salary Expectation is High.

Canada’s economy is growing, and growth instigates the need for employees, which opens up opportunities for all kinds of professions. In addition to this, in Canada, you can work stress-free. 


4. Spacious Buildings

Canadian houses are much larger than other counterparts, and you will find that even an average family lives in a lot more spacious. 


5. Modern Metropolitan Living

People in Canada are modern, intelligent, stylish, and clean, and they enjoy outdoor living more. The Canadian cities are more spacious, well designed, and easy to get around.

The connectivity is excellent; you can easily commute to work. As in many countries, it’s true that the most prominent cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver, may be crowded and expensive. But in Canada, you don’t have to go far outside the city to find a comfortable and affordable lifestyle.


6. Culture and Language

Canada is the country where most people speak the same language, so as Britishers, Americans, and mainly Punjabis. Although Canada has developed its own identity over the years, the culture is familiar and welcoming to outsiders. 


7. Education in Canada

Canada is one of the best countries to receive a state education, coming within the top 10 for reading, mathematics, and science. Children growing up in Canada can expect to receive education in French and English. 

For the uninformed, Canada ranks highly in almost all aspects of quality of life, including safety, healthcare, environment, and life satisfaction. However living in Canada can be expensive, but people agree that living in these cosmopolitan areas is worth the price tag.


8. Low Crime Rate

The crime rate in Canada is comparatively low compared to other countries, and every year, the cases of murders never exceed more than a thousand. It makes Canada the only country where violence is not their cup of tea and adds peace of mind to life.


9. Climate

Canada has a very excellent climate where you can see wonderful bright colours every year. It is one of the cleanest countries where you can breathe the cleanest air. 


10. Food

Farmers’ markets are in smaller towns of Canada, while there are sophisticated and modern restaurants in larger towns and cities. 


11. Cheap Cost of Living

Canada is well known for its affordability; people earning an average wage also can afford a good quality of life. The cost of living is inexpensive in Canada compared to the U.K. and U.S. 


12. Women’s Rights in Canada

In Canada, both genders are legally equal under the Canadian constitution. Both genders are protected from gender discrimination by government and private sector businesses under various provincial and federal human rights laws. Federal laws relating to marriage, divorce, and military service are all officially gender-neutral.


Also, you may find yourself spending less on shopping too. After reading these points, if you plan to immigrate to Canada, contact India’s most Trusted Canadian Immigration Consultant and Canadian Visa Consultant, Achintya Immigration Consultant. Achintya Immigration Consultant is one of India’s best Canadian Immigration Consultancy service providers. Our immigration consultants will help you through the entire immigration process that facilitates you to make more informed decisions.

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