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    • Consultants provide its clients with only genuine and accurate information.
    • They have the latest and updated information on visa rules and regulations which means a better level of service.
    • Immigration representatives gain ICCRC accreditation only after thorough scrutiny by authorities.
    • Achintya immigration consultants follow certain rules of conduct and adhere to a code of ethics.
    • You can expect protection against frauds and scams whilst working with an Achintya.

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    Achintya is one of the fastest-growing immigration consultancy service providers in India. The quality immigration services offered has made us the most preferred immigration consultants in recent years. We understand the legal implications and offer permanent residency and citizenship solutions to businesspersons, families, and entrepreneurs. In addition, our experienced consultants provide in-depth details about business immigration processes across Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom.

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      Seeking and hiring a certified consultant can make the immigration process hassle-free. Applying for a visa can be both time consuming and an expensive affair. Hiring an immigration consultant saves you both time and money. Even a small error on your application can result in visa rejection, which, in turn, leads to delays and a loss of total payment. As such, hiring a consultant can guide you through the application process, ensuring that you fill out all the aspects of the forms correctly.

      Our immigration consultants use your details, study your profile and use their expertise to identify the best-suited immigration programme for you.


      All MPNP applicants applying as skilled workers overseas must have an established relationship with Manitoba, either through the support of family members or friends, through previous education or work experience in the province, or directly through the MPNP For applications received from Part of a strategic recruitment initiative. You can find out more about the different types of qualified connections below.

      Immigration laws and policies change from time to time. An immigration consultant keeps the immigrants updated on eligibility criteria and other crucial details about the immigration. Consultants keep the applicant’s updates to ensure there are limited or no chances of the failure of the visa application.

      Visa processing takes time, and it negotiates from application to application and from country to country. Most applications, on average, have a processing time of 4 to 6 months. At the same time, applications processing for permanent residency ranges from 6 months to 8 months.

      Neither a lawyer nor a consultant can accelerate the visa application process. But an immigration consultant with his experiences guides you through the correct application processing procedure. With an immigration consultant, the chances of errors can be avoided, ultimately accelerating the visa processing time.

      Yes, immigration applicants must take a medical examination. A medical exam ensures that the applicants are medically fit to enter Australia and free from contagious diseases.

      Once your visa is approved, you have one year to make an entry; however, this entry date is calculated from the date you are done submitting your completed final medical forms. Also, after the medical is approved, applicants have to go for visa stamping at the nearest consulate office, which may take another 3-6 months of duration.

      Each application is unique; therefore, the processing time of one PR visa may differentiate itself from another. In most cases, applicants get their Australian visa processed in 10 to 20 months. Spousal cases and temporary work visas take 3 to 6 months of processing time. Applicants requiring professional registration may require 6 to 12 months of duration. Working holidays and visit visas require a 2-3 months processing time.

      National Occupational Classification is a list issued by the Canadian Government. The list contains occupations, their codes, and skill levels. Each year qualifying occupants are selected and determined for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.


      In short- The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is a nationally recognized and standardized system that assigns a four-digit code and job description to every occupation in the Canadian labor market

      A Police Clearance Certificate is required for applicants 18 years or above. This certificate is required for each country where the applicant has lived after 18 years of age for six months. To obtain its police department of the country must be contacted to provide the certificate.

      The Great Britain and Northern Ireland of UK is comprises four constituent with average income:-
      England – 30,425 GBP
      Scotland – 30,600 GBP
      Wales – 29,000 GBP
      Northern Ireland – 31,000 GBP
      With Medical by NHS, education and more

      Visa holders can bring their dependents on visa
      The spouse is allowed to work on a visa
      No limit on the number of people who can visit the UK on a visa
      The minimum wage requirement is raised to £30000. the limit has been reduced to £25600
      Fast track visas will be provided for health professionals like doctors and nurses


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