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Turkey - Achintya Immigration

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Turkey is a country located in the south-eastern part of Europe and southwestern part of Asia. It is bordered by eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Black Sea. Turkey has a rich history with many ancient civilizations having existed in the area. The country has also been at the crossroads of many cultures throughout its history which makes it very diverse in terms of culture and language. It is home to a variety of religions including Islam, Christianity and Judaism as well as many other ethnicities such as Kurds and Armenians. With its strategic location on two continents, Turkey has become an important economic player in the world economy with its strong industrial base and tourism industry.

Here at Achintya, we offer you the tourist Visa services for Turkey.
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Documents required for a tourist visa:

  • A valid passport with at least six months validity beyond the intended date of departure from Turkey.
  • A passport-sized photograph.
  • A travel itinerary, including information on the planned length of stay and accommodation arrangements.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for your stay in Turkey, such as a bank statement or credit card.
  • Proof of onward travel, such as return air tickets or evidence of onward travel to another destination.