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UK visa is one of the most popularly demanded visas. A lot of applicants planning for a visit to the UK must follow a basic procedure who are planning for a visit visa in UK.

To apply for the visa, applicants must submit their biometrics, income proof and funds statement at the visa application centre. Also, provide compelling reasons for visiting the country. In case of an exceptionally urgent request, immigration service providers may speed up your request for the visit to the country.

Achintya Immigration with their team of professionals, offers you complete assistance in providing UK visa services to the applicants.

Documents Required: –

  • A passport is valid for at least 6 months from the visit.
  • Bank Details
  • Two 45mm x 35mm (passport-sized) photographs

After you get your visa approved, you will receive an email from us about passport collection. We will also guide you through the documents you need to carry while visiting the country.