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Tourist for China

China is the perfect blend of ancient customs and modern culture. This is an intriguing nation that welcomes tourists from all around the world. Your trip is incomplete without visiting the several dynasties of Beijing, the luxuriousness of Shanghai and the iconic Great Wall of China. From the beautiful lakes, rich traditions to wonderful cuisine, get ready to be awestruck in the most populous nation of the world. Experience climatic diversity and an amazing landscape, which is why China’s tourism industry is booming. Travellers require a visa before visiting the country.

Achintya is a professional and well-known visa consultant. Get assistance throughout your visa application process to simplify things. Have the approval of visas as soon as possible to start your beautiful journey.

First, you have to fill out the visa application and share the necessary documents with our consultant. The process consists of submitting the paperwork and appearing for an interview. If you wish, then the professional consultant can prepare you for the interview. After the approval of your visa, your passport will be sent to your home. Also, you need your latest passport for your visa application.

Documents needed for China tourist visa

1.Carry your original passport that will be valid even after six months from your arrival in China.

2.Carry at least three passport-sized photographs with you in which 80% of your face is visible, and there is a white background.

3.Attach a cover letter with the information about people travelling.

4.Include the original flight tickets of arrival and departure and two coloured photocopies of the tickets.

5.Include the bookings of your hotel or attach an invitation letter in case you are staying with friends or family.

6.Attach a no objection letter from your school, college or office which states and accepts your absence from the organization.

7.Mention your bank statements or credit card statements with a stable bank balance of the past three months. Add any supporting financial documents like your salary slip if it is available.