(iv) Skilled Independent Visa 189:-

The Skilled Independent visa subclass 189 is the permanent visa for all individuals with skills in demand in the country’s thriving labor market. The permit is proffered to the candidates, via Points Based System. It enables the holders to immigrate to Australia if they have good English proficiency, employment experience, and qualifications in a vocation in need in the famous immigration hotspot. The permit employs the points test to choose visa applicants who are in a field of high demand in the national labor market of Australia.

To put it differently, the skilled independent subclass 189 is essentially a points-based permanent permit/visa, even as it is meant for those trained/qualified experts from abroad & tradespersons, who do not have any sponsorship from any of these Australian recruiters/firms, territory or state, a family member. The holder of the (Sub-class 189 visa Australia) Immigration Permit is entitled to reside and get professionally involved permanently anywhere throughout the nation. Significantly, the aspirants for the visa can mention some of their family members in the petitions presented for the visa.