Canadian Visa Program for Self-Employed

The Self-Employed Visa is a program for applicants interested in world-class athletics, cultural pursuits, purchasing and running a farm, and immigrating to Canada as self-employed persons.

You may only apply for this visa if you can show that you have the potential to be a self-employed farmer, international professional athlete, or worker in the arts and cultural sector in any region of Canada.

In contrast to other business immigration streams in Canada, where you must invest a certain amount of your funds in the government or a company or obtain funding from any private company, you only need to provide proof of your industry experience and evidence that you can successfully operate as a sole proprietor in Canada.

You must have at least two years of experience in one of the following categories in the past five years before applying:

  • Cultural activities—either two one-year periods of self-employment in cultural activities, engagement in cultural endeavours of the highest calibre, or a combination of the two
  • World-class athletics: two one-year periods of either self-employment in athletics, participation in world-class athletics, or a combination of the two
  • Farm management


An applicant must meet the following requirements to be considered self-employed:

In addition to satisfying the experience requirements, candidates must receive a minimum of 35 points on a 100-point scale based on five criteria:

Selection criteria

Maximum points







English or French Language Ability




Total Score


Pass Marks


Admissibility Requirements

A medical checkup and a police check are required of the candidate and any members of his or her family. The applicant also needs to show that they have the financial means to maintain themselves and any accompanying family members while they are in Canada.

Process of Applying.

You can follow the step-by-step procedure outlined below to apply for a self-employed visa to Canada:

  • Fill, Sign and date the required forms
  • assemble all supporting documentation according to the IRCC’s checklist, which includes
  • language test results
  • education credentials like degrees, diplomas, certificate
  • proof of relevant experience
  • proof of adaptability (police certificates and clearances)
  • travel documents
  • identity and civil status documents
  • Pay the required application fees online, including
  • Processing fees
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fee
  • Biometrics fees
  • Fees charged by third parties (medical exams, police certificates, language tests)
  • Send in a complete application, signed forms, a copy of the fee receipt, and any necessary documentation.

Self-Employed Visa Program: How to Apply?

The detailed instructions for applying under this category are provided below:

Step 1 – Documents accumulation

  • The applicant must arrange the documentation after you have verified their eligibility.
  • The document list must follow the Document Checklist (IMM5784).
  • Pass the necessary medical tests to demonstrate the applicant’s and their dependant family members’ physical fitness.
  • To perform a background check, collect the police certificates from the applicant’s home country.

Step 2 – Apply for the application

  • IMM 0008, IMM 0008DEP, IMM 5669, IMM 008 – Schedule 6A, IMM 5406, and IMM 5476 are the required application forms.
  • Complete all application forms with precise information.
  • Remember to provide accurate information on the undertaking questionnaire.

Step 3 – Payment of application fees

  • The applicant is required to pay all applicable fees, including the processing charge, residency fee, and other fees, through their official payment gateway.
  • Print the payment receipt first.

Step 4 – Apply

  • Prepare all the required paperwork, fill out the application, and submit it via mail.
  • Address for Mailing Mode (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Self-employed Class, Centralized Intake Office, P.O. Box 7200, Sydney, NS, B1P 0E9, Canada).
  • Address for Courier Service Mode (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Self-employed Class, Centralized Intake Office, 49 Dorchester Street, Sydney, NS, B1P 5Z2, Canada).

Step 5 – Application Review & Approval

  • The immigration office will assess your application when it has been submitted.
  • Your application will be evaluated, and if it meets Canadian standards, you will be granted a Canada PR visa under the self-employed category

How long does it take to process a self-employed visa and how much does it cost?

The processing of a self-employed visa application typically takes 24 months. However, the length of the processing period is based on how soon the IRCC completes the application. It is significant to note that this process may require some candidates to submit biometric data.

Fees necessary:

  • Application for Business Immigration ($1,575) and Right to Permanent Residence Fee ($500CAD)
  • $825 for spouse/partner applications
  • Partner/spouse RPRF: $500
  • Additional $225 for each dependent. 

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