(vii) Remaining Relative (Subclass 115):

If your near relatives are permanent residents or citizens of Australia, then this visa is for you. People with relatives, who are eligible New Zealand citizens, are also eligible to apply for this visa. You need to be sponsored by your relatives to be able to apply for this visa. This visa falls under the aegis of the Australian Family Stream Migration program.

The sponsor, on the other hand, should be a near relative like a brother, sister, parent, or guardians who are at least residents of Australia or New Zealand. All your near relatives should be residing in Australia. The visa may cover a permit for the whole family unit including your wife or de facto partner and children. If you want to be sponsored by your wife or children, then you must apply for a Partner Visa or Parent visa respectively. The sponsor should not have sponsored any other relative who was granted Remaining Relative Visa.

If you are offshore, then you must apply for visa subclass 115. Visa Subclass 835 is for applicants who are residing in Australia at the time of applying for the visa. You need to be outside Australia when your visa is granted.

In addition to the necessary documents, you will also be needed to provide an Assurance of Support (AoS). An Assurance of Support dictates that you have someone who will be there in Australia to support you financially for the first two years of your residency in Australia. You must also carry an authentic passport. Any change in the details provided after loading the application must be submitted to an Australian migration office.

Collect the necessary documents before applying. This will save you a lot of time. Also, make sure to attach necessary documents before uploading the additional ones as there is an upper limit on the number of documents you can upload.

You will also need to provide a medical certificate and a police check certificate. The medical certificate is to ensure that you meet the necessary health requirements and must be provided by a certified medical professional. The police check certificate has to collect from the local police station of every country that you have resided in for 12 months, before applying for this visa. in prior to living in Australia. You only need to provide the police check certificate for a period of 10 years before applying for this visa. This certificate assures the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that you had no criminal records and that you meet the necessary character requirements.

Application charges for visa subclass 835 are as follows:
-> 18 and older- $1760
-> Under 18- $ 880

You should apply as early as possible, as the processing of the application can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months. Also, the number of applications taken under the Remaining Relative visa program is limited. This means that each year a lot of applications are rejected. You will have to wait in a queue if the upper limit for family migration visas has been reached. You will be informed by the authorities about any opening for Remaining Relative visa subclass 115 while your application is waiting in a queue.

There may not be a refund on the application rejection. This is why you must be certain that you fulfill all the necessary criteria before applying for visa subclass 115. You will also be asked to sign an Australian Values Statement. By signing this statement, you undertake the oath to respect Australian freedom, culture, and the way of life.
When applying from outside Australia, you will only be eligible for migration. On the other hand, if you apply from within Australia then you will be eligible to apply for a permanent residency.

Benefits of Visa Subclass 115:
-> Stay in Australia for as long as you want as you are a permanent resident now.
->Apply for Australian citizenship after meeting the necessary parameters.
->Your travel period to and from Australia can be extended after 5 years.
->Enroll in Medicare programs.
->Work and study in Australia.