Canada has been steadily increasing its Immigration intake, and it has more effect than a sudden spike as people lay more trust in long-term plans. These days everyone is aware of how Canada is open to skilled immigrants. Canadian immigration has excellent options for people applying for permanent residency based on the Express Entry Canada requirements. It is one of the best ways to enter Canada and get PR status in Canada. 

Reasons Why Canada PR Express Entry Score is so High Nowadays:

Express Entry score depends on the applicants’ qualifications in the pool. The higher qualification they have, the higher the cutoff points will be. So why is it so high? 

  • Because many realize that they would not qualify if their points are low, they do not apply. As a result, only those with excellent qualifications and Education use them because they know they stand a good chance, hence the higher cutoff.
  • Second, many of these applicants realize having Canadian experience can make or break the deal, so many are taking the longer-term plan of first studying in Canada and then working in Canada before applying for Express Entry.

How can I apply for an Express Entry Program? 

If you want to apply for an Express Entry, there are two steps: submitting your profile after providing Language test results, an Educational Credential Assessment report, and a passport. In the second step, after receiving an ITA for Canadian permanent residence, you must provide reference letters, additional identity documents, police clearance certificates, and medical examination results.

What are the Express Entry Canada Requirements?

There are three programs that are necessary for the Express Entry system:

  • The Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) program
  • The Federal Skilled Trades (FST) program
  • The Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

You must pass through the Express Entry Pool to qualify for these programs. Below is the process to apply for Canada Express Visa:

STEP 1:- Find out if you are Eligible

There are two ways to know if you qualify for an express visa in Canada;

  • The applicant must qualify under the programs such as; Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, or the Canadian Experience Class Program (CEC) under Express Entry. 
  • The Canada express entry eligibility criteria for those who wish to immigrate are based on these significant factors:

– Age, Education, 

– Work Experience

– Language proficiency

– Spouse or common-law partner factors

– Transferability of Skills

– Job Offer

STEP 2:- Check your Score

The Canada point calculation system is the best tool to check your score and how you can proceed further.

  1. Age: You will have to score total points, i.e. 12 points if your age is between 18 and 35.
  2. Education: You may secure 25 points for a doctorate-level degree. It is like the higher your degree, the higher your score. 
  3. Work Experience: You can score 15 out of 67 points if you have professional work experience of 6 or more years.
  4. Language Proficiency: You can score 28 points for language proficiency by scoring well on the language test.
  5. Adaptability: If any of your family members live in Canada, you can earn an extra 10 points. Their past studies and work experience in Canada are also considered.
  6. Job Offer: You can get additional 10 points if you have an LMIA-approved employment offer letter in Canada.

STEP 3:- Get the Documents Ready

One of the important documents is your passport which can take about a month or so to get. So it is important to apply for a passport as soon as possible. Below are the miscellaneous documents you should keep handy:

  • Birth certificate
  • Driving license
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical/Dental records
  • School records
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Proof of status of family member status
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • Offer letter of employment

Canada welcomes over 1.3 million new immigrants every year. There are many ways to enter Canada and secure Canadian permanent residence status, but the Express Entry Program is the fastest and safe way to enter Canada. So after going through the process, it is now worth proceeding further. In addition, it is advised to consult Immigration experts such as Achnitya Consultants, which can help you apply for the program, keeping in mind the express entry Canada requirements and help you make the Immigration process smoother and more manageable.

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