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PTE preparation

Our Immigration consultants provide you with details of the resources, practice tests, and advice that can help you easily prepare for PTE preparation and crack exams.

Online preparation

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, similar to other standardized tests for the English language, has separate sections aimed at evaluating the reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills of candidates. Candidates preparing for the PTE exam can refer to the below-given preparation tips to score good marks.


Some Preparation Tips for the Reading Section

  • For MCQs where candidates have to select a single answer, they are suggested to read the text and select a response and click on the correct option depending on the tone or content of the text.
  • In the Reading and Writing section, a text with several gaps will be displayed on the screen. Candidates have to fill each gap from the drop-down list of response options.

PTE Preparation Tips:

Auditory block

  • Summarize the spoken text, after listening carefully to the recording, candidates are required to write a summary of 50 to 70 words
  • For multiple answer MCQs, after listening to the recording, answer a multiple-choice question on the tone or content of the recording.

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Speaking and writing section

  • After listening to the recording carefully, candidates should repeat the sentence.
  • Also, describe the image provided carefully to score good marks.