(vii) Prince Edward Island:

Prince Edward Island (PEI), which consists of one large island and various surrounding isles is the smallest province of Canada.

Prince Edward Island is the same location where the famous “Charlottetown Conference” took place in the year 1864 and is therefore considered as the region which resulted in the birth of the large maple country. This island province is known not only for its beautiful coastline and lush farmland but is also home to the growing economy which is primarily based on tourism, fishing, and agriculture.

The PEI PNP is the provincial nominee program of Prince Edward Island. This particular immigration program enables the eligible immigrants with the required skills and qualifications to get selected and therefore receive a nomination certificate from the province of Prince Edward Island, after which they can apply for Canadian permanent residency by applying towards the federal government of Canada.

The PEI PNP accepts applications from eligible candidates under some of the major immigration categories that include:

-> PEI Express Entry Stream
-> Immigrating to PEI as a worker
-> Immigrating to PEI as an entrepreneur
-> Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program