Only 30% of the entire transition process involves immigration. There is a lot of planning that goes into moving to a new place to live and work. Through our comprehensive and individualized settlement services, we take care of the remaining 70% so you can successfully settle in Canada.

We recognize that in strange settings, without a strong support network, you could feel helpless and alone. Therefore, our top-notch post-landing services for Canada are created specifically for you in order to provide you with the support and direction you need to quickly and easily settle abroad.

We provide all post-landing services for Canada imaginable that you might require in Maple Leaf Country, starting with airport pickup services and ending with assistance in finding good and affordable lodging.


We provide information and assistance of every kind related to post-landing services for Canada.

  • assistance in landing and mobility.
  • Facilities for airport pickup.
  • Assistance with the paperwork you must present at the airport
  • Providing directions for getting to your hotel or Airbnb from the airport.
  • Providing information on how to obtain a driver’s license and assisting you in doing so.
  • giving advice on how to purchase your first vehicle.
  • Providing information on how to purchase auto insurance.
  • providing information on the various available transit options.
  • Providing information about how to go across Canada without a car.
  • Providing information on the presto card and how to obtain it for travel.
  • sharing information on how to utilize Google Maps to take trains and buses to any area.


Providing help and support with Canadian settlement

  • by providing details on the application for a health card.
  • Information exchange regarding the initial temporary application process.
  • sharing information on how to obtain your nine-digit Social Insurance Number (SIN Number), which is required for an international applicant to work in Canada.
  • Providing information on how to obtain a photo ID or GI license.
  • Providing information on tax savings options for those without jobs.


Help in adapting to regular life

  • locating the important items for your first homes, such as the bed and mattress.
  • assisting you in signing up for free English and French classes, the two official languages of the international hotspot.
  • providing assistance with credit card and bank account applications.
  • providing assistance with SIM cards and assisting you in selecting a card for Canada.
  • sharing information on the various sources from which you can purchase groceries at incredibly low prices.
  • Providing information on a store where you can get really cheap furniture or other household items.
  • assisting you in finding quality lodging and putting you in touch with leading realtors.

Canada Job Assistance

  • Sharing pertinent information about the various professional licensing or registration requirements and providing all necessary assistance.
  • Providing information on a complete list of potential employers in Maple Leaf Country.
  • Providing information on the various exams required to register for and receive a professional license.
  • supplying practical and effective job search assistance.
  • Write a new CV in Canadian style.
  • creating the resume cover letters.
  • aggressively marketing your resume to the appropriate companies and recruiters in Maple Leaf Country.
  • aiding in your preparation for the important interviews.


Through the Federal Express Entry Program, we at Achintya Immigration Consultant have helped thousands of people successfully come to Canada with their families. Our skilled and qualified immigration specialists can thoroughly assess your position and provide the best course of action for achieving your expectations.

Over the past 15 years in this vibrant immigration market, Achintya has amassed a treasure of goodwill and extensive knowledge. She has continuously assisted a wide spectrum of aspirant immigrants in achieving their foreign ambitions.

We are one of the most well-known names in the immigration industry as a highly reputable immigration company with an impressive track record of thousands of successfully submitted PR Visa applications. We are the best immigration consultant for a Canada PR visa due to the following crucial aspects:

  • Step-by-step instructions on eligibility and process are provided in our consultations, which are provided by certified and licensed immigration consultants.
  • For any process, we maintain a secure online process and a transparent system of complaint redress.
  • having experience with processing over 30,000 applications
  • Every case is examined several times before submission.
  • Evaluation of qualifications and other skills is simple.


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