Nobody wants to take any chances when choosing various options for licensed and unlicensed consultancies in the market. There are crucial parameters that have to be kept in mind handy. Let’s look at the multiple factors that play a significant role while seeking the best immigration consultant India:

  • ICCRC Registered: Before moving ahead, it is essential to confirm the authenticity of the immigration consultancy. Look at whether the consultancy is ICCRC registered or not. 
  • Experienced: The immigration process is not as easy as it looks, as it requires a huge investment, so look for an experienced team.
  • Size of the Company: The number of members and years of market presence of the consultancy also matter as it shall give you an idea of its goodwill.
  • Successful Applications: The number or statistical figures of the applications successfully processed by your choice of immigration consultancy play a vital role in determining your chances of getting approved.

So, these were the criteria based on which you can go for the best immigration consultant India, but the question arises: why do we need an immigration consultant? This blog will cover the perks of hiring a consultant for the PR Visa Process. 

Benefits of Consulting with an Immigration Consultant in India

Guidance in Visa Selection Process: An immigration consultant will guide you in understanding which visa program is best for you. You may be eligible for more than one program at once. So based on your profile, an immigration consultant will help you understand your score.

Understanding and Resolving Issues: When you decide to immigrate to another country, you may be stuck in between. At this point, you might need help from a PR consultant, which will save you time. They will understand your problems and resolve them promptly. 

Prepare and Present Applications: Like your resume, your immigration application needs to be well-presented so that the immigration authorities and the government can consider it. Immigration consultants help prepare visa applications professionally, which is very helpful in the immigration process. 

Verify Documentation and Process them: It happens when the Canadian authority declares you a fraud or cancels your application even if you have provided all the documents. There comes the role of immigration consultants India, who will verify all your documents before submitting them.

Update you about Laws and follow-ups: Submitting your application is not enough; there must be two-way communication between the applicant and immigration authorities. Since consultants work on your profile, they act as representatives and ensure that the communication is done smoothly. They also update you if any immigration laws or procedures change.

Consider every detail: The immigration process is very challenging, so it is essential to consider every single detail so that you won’t miss any changes. Immigration consultants ensure that your application must be timely updated. 

How much does an Immigration Consultant charge?

The fees the immigration consultant charges for the process may vary from consultant to consultant and differ by profile. The fees are incurred based on the services offered and the consultant’s expenses for processing formalities.

Canada PR Processing Fee:

  • Per Candidate Fee: 850 Canadian Dollars or 51,596 INR approx.
  • Child Fee if the child is under 22 years of age: 230 Canadian Dollars or 13,961 INR approx.
  • Medical Fee and Police Verification fees: Between 5000 – 8000 INR approximately. 
  • Right to Permanent Resident Fee (each applicant): 515 CAD (31,261 INR approx.)
  • Provincial Nomination Fee: The fee varies as per the province

Why is a consultant required for Canada Immigration?

Immigration consultants specialize in the Canadian visa process and guide you to make the process a success. If you believe you should not spend long years on your visa process and waste your time and money. Taking the help of an immigration consultant India is always recommended.

Why hire the best Immigration Consultant in India for your Canadian PR Application?

Canada is undoubtedly the best country to live in if you depend on factors such as what country is best in. Canada is one of the favourite destinations which you can call home. Various immigration consultants in India may help you fulfill your dreams. But choosing the best immigration consultant India can be overwhelming. 

Choosing the best immigration consultant in India for yourself is challenging as it’s about your future. Contact Achintya Consultant, the best immigration consultant in India, if you are ready to move abroad. Achintya Immigration Consultancy has been active for more than five years, and it is the best brand across India with an impeccable success story. If you plan to immigrate for work, study, or settlement purposes, Achintya Consultant will help you achieve your immigration dream hassle-free.

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