(ii) Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program in Canada:

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program or the MPNP is one of the leading Provincial Nominee Programs(PNPs) of the Canadian Government. This immigration program enables the province of Manitoba to nominate eligible individuals and families for immigration to Canada after evaluating their profile based on certain eligibility criteria being set by the province. Manitoba Immigration Since its first launch in 1998, approximately 130,000 immigrants have arrived in Canada through the MPNP only within the first two decades of the launch of the program.

In its current scenario, the Manitoba Immigration Authorities are doing plausible efforts to welcome more qualified immigrants in the coming years. The MPNP however underwent an important overhaul in the year 2019, a process that remains continued for 2020. Changes include the introduction of some new immigration pathways and streams, which include the incorporation of a dedicated immigration stream for Express Entry candidates that have concrete plans to settle in Manitoba for an extended period of time. Some other new features included in the MPNP include a pathway designed specifically for providing faster application approval for international applicants that have completed their graduation from an academic institute based in Manitoba, and also another new stream designed to attract business immigrants.

The majority of these new immigration pathways to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)will be kept under the existing International Skilled Worker Stream, which will operate in the same manner until some new changes are added in this immigration category. The current criteria for the MPNP being followed under this stream, which is divided into two sub-streams, are the Skilled Worker Overseas and Skilled Workers in Manitoba categories, would remain active for filing the Expression of Interest (EOI) and also for the receiving new applications from the province. There is a total of four streams under the updates Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), which further includes within them some more immigration pathways.