L1 Visa Services available :

L-1A Intra-Company Transfer Visa to the USA:
The L-1 visa is a visa document used to enter the United States for the purpose of work in L-1 status.  The visa allows such foreign workers to relocate to the corporation’s US office after having worked abroad for the company for at least one continuous year within the previous three prior to admission in the US.

L-1B Visa for Specialized Knowledge Workers:-
Immigrating to the US is forever a contentious subject, and it really takes real hard work and sheer luck to make immigration happen. Most of the time, it often happens that immigrants have everything done but at the last minute they are denied the visa because they fail to qualify for the medical test or something remains missing in the documentation.

By essence, it must be clearly understood that moving to the nation is not a child’s play. Most of the time, it is often construed as the country hard to crack. Hence, you must have the right visas planned for ensuring that immigration happens in your case.

It is always a good bet to avail extremely professional and experienced immigration agents who have specialization in US-style immigration. The benefit that it can reap is that since they are aware of diverse angles, they would help you figure out the best visas that can help you move without any hassle whatsoever.

In the ease of movement category, the L1 visa for the US is the best that you can resort to. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the concerned body, enforces these visas. And they are the ultimate authorities to look after all the formalities and procedures.

Most of the time, the US L1 Visa comprises Intra company transfer. In this style of immigration, executives, managers, and other professional personnel are transferred from the subsidiary, affiliate, and other forms of MNC’s to the parent company based in the US. The demand is generally when there are projects or some work that requires skilled expertise to undertake the work.

In such times, the L1 Visa for the US comes into play. Under this visa, an employer-based in the country can transfer the requisite staff to the main location, for undertaking any project and service.

There are also provisions where even a company that doesn’t have an affiliated office in the USA can send employees to the nation for meeting the project requirement. Most of the time, it may even hover around training and development. So, it entirely depends on the company what it wants to achieve under the US L-1 Visa.

If you are sponsoring anyone for the L1 Visa for the US, you must first fill the form under l-129. It is the form that acts as a petitioner for the immigrant.

If you get sponsored by the company, the company has to meet the following requirements:
-> The company should have a qualifying relationship with a foreign company, and it should have affiliate, subsidiary, and collectively referred to the parent firm.
-> The organization should have direct business with the USA and it should have a qualifying relationship with any firm that is based in another country.

If these requirements are met, the employer can sponsor you for the L1 Visa for the US.