L-1B Visa for Specialized Knowledge Workers:

This is applicable for a situation where IT companies and others – wish to get staff from overseas offices to perform specialized tasks in the USA operations of the principal company.

The US L-1B Visa is basically meant for the specialized knowledge workforce. It is essential that the aspirants for the permit possess expert knowledge of the firm’s goods and/or processes. The specialized-knowledge workers should have a thorough understanding of the organization’s goods and/or services and also the global markets for those goods and/or services, OR they possess advanced knowledge of the firm’s processes and practices.

It ought to be knowledgeable that may be gained only via experience with that recruiter/job provider, such as skill with proprietary software or tactics unique to the organization, which is also crucial to the group’s competitiveness. Knowledge which is extensively held or associated with common practices or procedures and which is readily obtainable in the job market of the US is not specialized for objects of L categorization.

It is a requirement that the level of knowledge needed & the employment of the particular migrant should directly involve the petitioner’s proprietary interest. With a view to being proprietary, it is vital that the knowledge relates to something, which relates solely to the petitioner’s business.

The USCIS has duly identified these features of a worker with specialized knowledge all of which ought to be present to guarantee success.

The L-1B recipient should:
-> Possess knowledge that is important to the recruiter’s competitiveness in the marketplace.
-> Be especially competent to contribute to the US recruiter’s knowledge of overseas operation situations.
-> Have been major workers at someplace except the US, with noteworthy assignments that have improved the recruiter’s output, image, competitiveness, or monetary condition.
-> Possess special knowledge that can typically be obtained via wide previous experience with the recruiter/job-provider/firm.
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