L-1A Permit Requirements:

Permit Requirements for L-1A:
There are two dissimilar processes to gain the L-1 Permits, namely, Regular & Blanket. While the Regular L-1 Permits are individual and require having sanction from the USCIS individually; the Blanket L-1 Permits, do not require sanction individually even as these are made available for recruiters that fulfill some conditions. The contents of this booklet refer to INDIVIDUAL L-1A petitions.

L-1A Visa Prerequisites – Qualifying Employer Association:-
It is vital that the firm has an association, which makes it qualified for this kind of permit, like an affiliate organization, a new local office, or subsidiary-1 Visa Requirements on the overseas grounds.

The L-1 Permit is a Dual Intent Permit. Dual Intent signifies that there is no need whatsoever for L-1 receivers to maintain an overseas residence and could file a petition for a Green Card later on.

Permit Requirements for the L-1A Permit:
-> The executive/manager should have worked out of the country for the overseas organization for a continuous duration of 1 year during the preceding three years, prior to entry to the US.
-> The transferee should have been hired overseas in either a managerial or an executive capacity, otherwise called a qualifying capacity.
-> The executive/manager should be arriving at the US firm to offer his professional services in a managerial or executive position. The federal law suggests that the executive capacity, by and large, refers to the worker’s capability to make decisions with great freedom, and minus much oversight.
-> Managerial capacity commonly refers to the capacity of the worker to manage and have power over the work of professional workers and to administer the group or a section, subdivision, function, or part of the group. The same could also refer to the managers’ capability to supervise an indispensable function of the firm at a high level, minus the direct administration of others.
-> Directors, partners, proprietors, or senior executives of an existing overseas business that are opening their branch or subsidiary in the USA make an application under either of the above – executive or managerial – capacities and manage the USA operations of the principal company.
-> The executive/manager should be skilled for the position by asset of his or her previous education & experience.
-> The L-1 Permit holder should aim to leave the shores of the US upon the conclusion of his sanctioned stay.

L-1 A Visa Prerequisites – Documents:
To start with, it is vital that a notarized English translation accompanies every paper/certificate in a foreign language.
Overseas Firm:
-> Latest yearly report or financials – the previous three years
-> Firm Brochure or Marketing matters
-> Duplicate of US Office Lease
-> Proof of Ownership with the US Firm
-> An employment offer letter mentioning the duties to be carried out in the US
-> A duplicate of a comprehensive Organizational Chart of the Foreign Firm

US Firm:
-> Latest yearly report or tax return– the previous three years
-> Firm Brochure or Marketing Material
-> Duplicate of the Office Lease
-> Proof of Ownership with Foreign Company
-> A duplicate of a thorough Organizational Chart of the U.S. Company
-> Reproduction of Visa & I-94 (in the case in the US)
-> Proof that the migrant worked at an overseas firm for not less than 12 of the previous 36 months (letter from the boss, paycheck reproductions, etc.)
-> Carbon Copy of CVA copy of Resume/CV
-> Duplicates of diploma and transcripts from university degrees (in case accessible)
-> Reproductions of letters of experience from preceding recruiters (in case obtainable

L-1A Visa – Representative List of Supporting Certificates/Papers required to be submitted with the application
From the Overseas Firm:
-> A firm brochure
-> Duplicates of Articles of Incorporation
-> Duplicates of financials
-> Duplicates of bank statements
-> Duplicates of the business lease or mortgage or deed.
-> Duplicates of telephone & utility bills
-> Duplicates of agreements with other firms, including US firms
-> A reproduction of the Organizational Chart

From the US Firm:
-> A firm brochure
-> Reproductions of Articles of Incorporation
-> Reproduction of business plan (in case of new business)
-> Reproductions of financials
-> Reproductions of bank statements
-> Reproductions of the business lease or mortgage or deed
-> Reproductions of telephone & utility bills
-> Reproductions of agreements with other firms, including the US firms.
-> A Reproduction of the Organizational Chart (or planned Chart)

From the Overseas Person:
-> Duplicate of Passport
-> Duplicate of Permit and I-94 (in the case in the US)
-> Proof that the migrant worked at an overseas firm for not less than 1 year out of the previous three years (letter from a recruiter, paycheck duplicates, etc.)
-> Copy of CV
-> Duplicates of diploma & transcripts from university degrees (in case accessible)
-> Duplicates of letters of experience from previous recruiters (in case accessible.

Remarks: This is a representative list. Any additional document can be requested by our offices or lawyers or by USICS or any other US government agency.

L-1 A Prerequisites for the Blanket L-1:-
-> The firm should already have a place of work in the US that has been running for not less than 1 year.
-> The firm should have not less than three domestic/foreign local offices, branches, or subsidiaries.

Apart from this, the firm should cater to one of these:
-> The business should have gained not less than 10 sanctions for L-1, during the 12-month time frame prior to presenting a blanket application.
-> The business and its US branch & affiliates should have shared yearly sales of not less than $25 million dollars.
-> The company has a workforce in the United States of at least 1,000 employees.

L-1 A Requirements for a Fresh Firm:
Every one of the above; however, in place of the yearly report or tax return a business plan (and this covers the predictable income statement, organizational chart, & balance sheet).