Being one of the top consultants for overseas education, we frequently encounter students who want to study abroad without IELTS.

Typically, they think about queries like Is it possible to study abroad without IELTS? or Can I obtain a study permit for abroad without taking the IELTS exam? You can still pursue a master’s degree without IELTS. You heard correctly, Without IELTS, you can still save money and valuable time while studying.

Many students who want to attend universities abroad believe that IELTS is compulsory. Yet it isn’t. There are many options that foreign colleges would take into account for admission without IELTS. Here is a list of substitutes as well as numerous foreign universities that accept international students without IELTS.

Let’s first define IELTS and then discuss how Indian students can study abroad without taking the test.

Describe IELTS.

  • IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System.
  • The purpose of the IELTS exam is to gauge a person’s proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and listening in English.
  • IELTS is required by the majority of colleges in English-speaking nations like the USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The IELTS test is required for the majority of Indian students who are considering studying abroad.
  • Many universities in nations like the UK and Malta allow international students and offer entry into universities without IELTS.
  • Without IELTS, you must meet the requirements for English proficiency stated by the universities in order to be qualified to study abroad.

IELTS is not a requirement, but there are other criteria for studying abroad

Students must demonstrate their fundamental knowledge of the English language by meeting any of the requirements listed below in order to be admitted to universities without taking the IELTS exam.

Depending on the English class XII grades

Most universities grant Indian students admission abroad without the IELTS dependent on their XIIth English Language score. Universities occasionally ask for IELTS scores, depending on the Board student who completed his HSC.

Universities have different IELTS requirements. IELTS is not necessary for applicants from English-speaking nations.

  • If the minimum IELTS score criterion is 6.5 overall, with no band lower than 5.5, the student must score at least 70 in high school English.
  • If the minimum IELTS score required is 6.5, students must have a high school English language score of 80 or higher.
  • Only applicants for the CBSE/ICSE Board are given IELTS exemptions by some colleges.

If you have already studied English

Some universities abroad permit international students whose previous education has been completed at an English-medium school to study there without having taken the IELTS test. You must receive a Medium of Instruction (MOI) certificate from a former educational institution in order to demonstrate your English language ability. You must state that you completed your education at an English-speaking institution.

Your Education in an English-medium University:

  1. University of Stirling: MOI only accepted PG for students who finished their 12th grade during the last 6 to 10 years and received 80 or higher in English. They must produce a certified letter from their university or college confirming that the student graduated within five years of the start of our program and that English was the language of instruction (MOI).
  2. Heriot-Watt University: If English grades are below 70%, MOI is acceptable. Only candidates who completed their undergraduate degrees in 2019, 2020, or 2021 are qualified to submit a Medium of Instruction (MOI) letter from their school. Additionally, the university will consider individual English proficiency documents (MOC) from the current job.
  3. University of Strathclyde: The school only accepts MOIs in order to waive the PG IELTS requirement (Must be from University, Degree must be completed within last 5 years)
  4. University of Essex: MOI’s maximum eligibility period is 5 years after graduation, and only from a class 1 institution.
  5. Universiti Glasgow Caledonian: Yes, if the UG was finished within the previous two years and proof of the MOI as English at UG is given, the student may obtain a waiver.
  6. University of Portsmouth: For the academic year 2022–2023, the University of Portsmouth will accept MOIs from the following Indian states.
  • Delhi
  • Maharashtra
  • Karnataka
  • Kerala
  • West Bengal

Any student who presents a document confirming the recognized colleges, universities, or educational institutions in one of the aforementioned states as their medium of instruction will have granted an English language waiver. MOI from any other state will no longer be acceptable.

  1. BPP University: Standard XII CBSE English score of at least 70% is mandatory. Also acceptable is MOI.
  2. University for the Creative Arts: If the student has received their diploma within the previous two years as well as they may also be eligible for an IELTS waiver by submitting their MOI.

A web-based interview

The university will set up an online interview with the applicant to determine their level of English language competency in the event that the student is unable to meet the aforementioned language proficiency requirements. Few universities would administer their own online Self-English Language Test (SELT) to determine how well candidates speak English.

Pre-sessional English course participation:

International universities offer Pre-sessional courses for students with weak IELTS scores. Students must enroll in an English course for 6 to 12 weeks, depending on their IELTS score. Students will move on to their degrees after successfully completing the program. Visit the website of the relevant University for information on its pre-sessional English language skills program.

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