Australia has always been the popular choice for those who desire to migrate to another country. The country is full of incredible scenic landscapes and great employment opportunities in cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, etc. 

The diverse culture of Australia is an excellent blend of multi-ethnic backgrounds, and it is all because of the immigrants who move to Australia every year. So, if you are planning to become a Permanent Resident of Australia, then there are several visa agencies in Delhi with whom you can seek help. 

This article will cover how to become a Permanent Resident of Australia and the top reasons why people choose to migrate to Australia. We will also discuss why to choose Achintya Immigration Consultant and our approach. 

[NOTE: If you want to apply for Australia PR, you should know that an Australia PR visa has five years of validity. With an Australian PR visa, you can move to Australia along with your family. After spending four years with an Australian PR Visa in Australia, you can also apply for citizenship.]

What is an Australia PR Visa?

The permanent residents of Australia can live and work in Australia indefinitely. They are not citizens, but they have the option to become citizens after meeting the residency requirement. 

Benefits of Having PR in Australia

  • The migrants have the freedom to live, work and settle indefinitely in any part of the country.
  • They can get official permission for the family members to accompany them.
  • They have access to free education for children up to a certain age.
  • They are eligible to sponsor their relatives for permanent resident status.
  • The government will provide them with various work and health benefits for themselves and their family.

Now Let us Dive into the step-by-step Process of Getting a Permanent Residency in Australia. 

Step 1: Find the right reason for you: Before migrating to Australia, analyze the reasoning behind visiting Australia. You should know whether you are staying there for work, education or something else.

Step 2: Check your eligibility: Check every necessary thing required to move to Australia, study and prepare yourself with all the documents needed, and the fee structure and options and opportunities available for you. You need to score a minimum of 65 points to qualify.

Step 3: Apply for Migration skill assessment: Since different countries have different skill set requirements, check whether you fulfill the basic needs to settle in Australia or not.

Step 4: Apply and Submit for an online skill test: Candidates must give a test to apply for the visa. According to the Australian point system, the Australian government will examine you on the basic parameters such as a student’s age, experience, knowledge, and other skills. The skill test is evaluated on these parameters, and then the immigrants are selected. 

Step 5: Apply for Visa: Applying for the visa may take time, but once you’re selected for the further process, you have to respond to the application within 60 days of the given time and get the documentation as soon as possible.

[NOTE: Visa’s usual residency processing time varies; however, it takes around three to five months to get it finalized]

Necessary Documents Required for PR Visa:

Below mentioned are some of the critical documents required to migrate to Australia.

  1. Educational certificates
  2. English language proficiency
  3. Work experience certificates 
  4. Travel documents such as passports and permission from authorities to migrate
  5. Documents like Medical certificates and police verification certificates
  6. Proof of settlement funds such as bonds, bank accounts, cash, shares, etc.)

The candidate who has applied for the visa in Australia is evaluated based on specific criteria like age, proficiency in English, qualification, work experience, etc. And the candidates shall be allotted a points-based Point system in Australia.

Now Let us Get into the Critical Reason Why People Migrate to Australia?

  • Various career options
  • Better quality of Life
  • Healthcare system
  • The high-quality education system
  • Financial stability
  • Ease of citizenship
  • Security

There are several Agencies in the market that will claim to offer you the best services. However, choosing the best Visa agency in Delhi is challenging yet crucial. 

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