US Family Based Green Card Visa:

The family classifications visa includes:

Relatives of US Citizens:
Immediate Relative:- the Immediate Relative class is regarded as a high priority classification and hence the US government has not imposed any annual number ceiling on this category and the family members of applicants can obtain permanent resident Green Card rapidly. Family members regarded as immediate relative includes following relations:
-> Spouse
-> Unmarried and dependent children under 21 years of age
-> Parents (if the US citizen is above 21 years of age)

Family Preference:
The family preference class includes those members not included in the immediate relative class, i.e. the relatives in question are those family members of US citizens not defined in the immediate classification. In this category, the relations include the following people
-> Unmarried sons or daughters aged over 21years
-> Married children of any age
-> Brothers and sisters (in case the U.S. citizen is aged over 21 years)
Congress has limited the number of relatives who may immigrate under these categories each year so there is usually a waiting period before an immigrant visa number becomes available.

Relatives of Green Card Holders (2nd Preference Class)
The category of eligible family members includes relative classifications of both Immediate and Family Preference classes.

Request Petition for Immediate Relative Class
There is a slight difference in the requests placement process (petitioning) for people already in the US and those outside the US.

Applications Process
-> Filing process for Immediate Class
-> Single phased process
If the applicants are already in the US on some other entry arrangements and visa transition is permitted under that specific arrangement, the applicants can straightaway file I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status) to obtain a permanent residential status at the same time when the US national is placing an I-130.

-> Two phased process
=> First Phase -The process starts with US national (Immediate Relative) placing I-130 for approval.
=> Second Phase – applicants can submit I-485 whenever convenient after the submission of I-130 by sponsoring US National and receipt of I-797 (Notice of Action/sanction notice). However, it is very important to keep in mind that I-130 should not have been rejected. The process usually requires submission of I-130 acknowledgments or I-797 (Notice of Action/sanction notice) along with I-485 indicating that I-130 is under review or has been sanctioned.

Substantiation of Relationship
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individual applicants:
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Filing Process For Family Preference Class and Family Members of Green Card HoldersPetitioning for Family class is carried out in Two Phased process
-> Phase One – The US national sponsoring relatives under family preference class needs to initiate the process by placing I-130 (petition) carrying nomination of foreign relatives. The applicants must wait until the due date for approval of I-130 arrives (priority date becoming current).
-> Phase Two – once the due date of approval (I-130) arrives (Priority date becoming current), the sponsored relatives can go ahead with placement of I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status).
-> Applications if the beneficiary is outside the US
In cases where the applicants to be sponsored by US citizens or green card holders are out of the country, the process of permanent residency starts with petition I-130 filed by US National or Green Cardholder. On receipt of approval of I-130, it will be sent to NVC for consular processing to issue a US visa to the sponsored applicants.
-> Evidencing biological relationships by furnishing birth records and the other deemed approved proofs of family relationships.
-> Evidencing the existence of marital relationships and substantiating that matrimonial relations are genuine and not for obtaining benefits of Immigration. Spouses of US citizen or Green Card holders having married less than 2 years ago are granted a conditional entry for a period of not more than 2 years and a request for the removal of conditions must be filed 90 days before the expiry of conditional permanent residence
-> Affidavit of support, with other attachments indicating that relative or family member will not become a public charge.
-> Preparing I-130, Petition for foreign Relative, a family-based permanent resident petition with requisite attachments
-> Compiling and finalizing requisite forms and attachments to be submitted with I-130 petition
-> Putting together I-130 petition after final assessment and preparing for submission
-> Preparing (AOS/I-485) application to adjust status for the immediate relatives residing in the USA
-> Following up with the adjustment of the status application process after receipt of visa number Preference relative categories