(iv) Estimated Cost in Australia PR Process:

Australian Permanent Residence (PR) fees for Subclass 189, 190, and 491 visas :
Primary Adult Applicant: AUD 4045
Additional Adult Applicant (above 18 years): AUD 2020

Dependent Child (below 18 years): AUD 1015


Credit and Debit cards accepted

Estimated Cost of the Australian PR Process

Australian PR Fees 2019 -2020:
The total fees towards the Australian PR for the primary applicant is equivalent to AUD 4045. Australian Permanent Residence (PR) is granted through Subclass 189/190/491 skilled visa schemes.
Therefore, the total fees for a Permanent Resident (PR) Visa for a family consisting of two adults and one child are equivalent to AUD 7,080.

The fee can be paid through your International Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express debit and/or credit card. However, payment made via Discover card will not be accepted.

Australian Visa fees are non-refundable

The Australian Permanent Residence Fees are not refunded to the candidate in case the visa application would be rejected.
The second installment fee of Australian PR is equivalent to AUD 4,885. If the dependent applicant is aged 18 years or older and is unable to prove their competency in the English language then it would be necessary for them to pay the second installment fee.

The first installment of the Australian visa application is necessarily paid during the time of application, whereas the second installment fee is required to be paid before the visa is granted.

However, for all other dependent applicants with a functional level of English, the second installment fee would be zero, that is, they are not required to pay the second installment fee.