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It is a type of work permit that enables you to enter a foreign country and work there for a particular period. Without an employment visa, you cannot work in a foreign country. Different countries may have different procedures and criteria for issuing work permits/employment visas. Work permit visas are issued either on a temporary or permanent basis. A temporary work visa remains valid for a particular period after which the visa holder needs to renew.


The duration of a work visa depends on the amount of work you have and labor market conditions. In countries like New Zealand offers you the facility to apply for a work resident visa. To turn your work visa into a residence visa, you need to fulfill the age, health, and furthermore requirements. Likewise, in the USA, a foreign citizen can get a work visa permit for a maximum period of 6 months. All work visas to USA need to be approved by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).


Generally, it is the employer who applies for a work permit visa on your behalf. Employment visas require an employer to contact the immigration authority of a particular country and get approval where approved visa duration may vary from 2 years, or the employment offer received by the employer which can be further extendable depending upon the work requirements.

Different countries may have different procedures and criteria for issuing work permit visas to employees. You can apply for a work visa by using both online and offline modes of application, but all countries may not accept online visa applications.



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