Employment-Based Permanent Residence-EB-5 Business Investors Visa:

US EB-5 is an employment-based program visa designed to target overseas investors prepared to infuse funds into either establishing a commercially viable business (which later demands active participation in day-to-day proceedings of a commercial enterprise) or parking them into designated venues. The willing investors are granted conditional green cards for a tenure of two years within which they must fulfill certain criteria related to fulfillment of investments and employment generation.

After receiving approval on the I-485 application or after entry into the US on an EB-5 immigrant visa, the EB-5 investor and permitted family members will be granted conditional permanent residence for a two-year period.

On fulfillment of the conditions within the two-year period, the investing individual can place a request (through I-829) for the removal of conditions on the Green Card.

The Investments in EB-5:

The intended investments must be strictly exposed to the market competition and must also have an element of uncertainty in them. Investing individuals must-have investment ready funds which can be allocated into any of the following channels, i.e. individual and regional centers.

The investment in the regional center concept is a one-time investment while in the case of an individual scheme, the funds can be invested in a phased manner but at the time of filing of I-829, an investor must substantiate fulfillment of the planned and projected investment amount.

General (Individual):

This is an independent investment option in which the immigrant investors are required to infuse funds to the tune of $1,000,000 as an investment into businesses. The multitude of investments offers unimpeded freedom to the migrants to choose an area and region as per their convenience. The investments in this scheme can be either made into
-> Establishing a commercially viable business enterprise from scratch, or
-> Taking over an existing organization that has been in red for at least a 2-year period immediately preceding the priority date in the petition I-526 of the applicant.
-> In this program, the employment must be created upfront and the day to day business must be managed by the investing individuals

TEA – Targeted Employment Area (Individual And Through RC)
TEA is a designated rural region, which has been facing a lack of economic activity and experiencing unemployment to extent of 150% over the national unemployment average. The intending investing immigrant needs to infuse funds in the tune of $500,000

Regional Center:

Regional Center – RC is an independent entity created primarily to attract and sponsor investments from foreign investing individuals. Individuals willing to enter the country on the basis of the investment through the RC scheme need to infuse funds to the tune of $500,000 into a regional center project. This route is considered to be most convenient and favorable as the alien investing individuals play a passive role.

Job creation:

The investments, whether directed into individual businesses or RC must be able to generate a minimum of ten full-time jobs.
-> Individual business enterprise needs to create full-time employment for a minimum of ten US nationals, permanent residents, or people authorized to work in the US
-> Regional Center scheme is offered relief in terms of employment generation, as a regional center enterprise is allowed to create a minimum of ten jobs whether direct or indirect.

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In case the petitioner is not residing in the US, finalizing DS-230 or DS-260 (Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration) for submission with the US Department of State for obtaining an EB-5 visa for gaining entry in the US.
-> After meeting all the requirements of EB-5 conditional green card, preparing I-829 for submission with USICS for removal of Conditions 3 months days before the expiry date of the two-year conditional resident status (Green Card).