(iv) Contributory Parent (Subclass 143):

You must have at least half or more than half of your children living as permanent residents in Australia or as Australian Citizens. Upon gaining sponsorship from your children, you can apply for this visa. An eligible New Zealand resident can also sponsor their parents for a Contributory Parent visa subclass 143 for Australia.

You may also feel free to apply for Contributory Parent (temporary) visa subclass 173. As the name suggests, this visa is for people who do not want to be Permanent residents of Australia. Parent Visa subclass 103 can also be applied to become a permanent resident of Australia, though the processing time for this particular visa can be colossal.

partner’s dependent children. You must verify your relationship with these members and as well as the ones who are sponsoring your visa.
You must qualify for the Balance of Family Test. The balance of family tests makes sure that, out of all the places your children live, the ones living in Australia can only provide you with the maximum family support. If more of your children live in Australia than in any other country then you are most likely to qualify for this test. For example, if 1 of your child lives in Australia and the other in Canada, then you clear the test. Else if 1 of your child lives in Australia and 2 live in two other countries, then you will be disqualified from registering for this particular visa.

You have to provide a medical certificate issued by a certified medical professional. This is to ensure that you meet the necessary health requirements before moving to Australia. You will also be required to provide a Police Check Certificate for verification of your character from every country you have resided in for 12 years or more within a period of ten years from applying for this visa.

Try to attach the necessary documents before the additional ones as there is an upper limit on the number of documents you can attach. Any change in the details provided in the application must be informed to an officer in a local Australian migration office. You will also need a genuine passport to apply for this visa. The fees are to be paid in two installments. First the application fee and second the fee asked by the visa authorities of Australia. The total fee varies according to different criteria.

You can apply from anywhere you want to, but you must not be in Australia when this visa is granted. It can take a staggering 22 months for your application to get processed, so the sooner you apply the better and faster it will be. There is a cap of 2 years within which the application for this particular visa is processed. This is the main reason behind the high charges for the application for this visa. Other family migration visas can take much longer than this and so this visa becomes your best option for gaining permanent residency in Australia.

You can also split this process for acquiring permanent residency. You can get a Contributory Parent (temporary) visa subclass 173 before applying for a Contributory Parent Visa subclass 143. This way you can get your visa approved early and live with your family till the time your permanent residency is approved. This will obviously raise the cost involved in the application process by a noticeable margin as you will have to fly offshore before your visa is granted. For a direct entry, you will have to pay $43,600.

Benefits of Contributory Parent (Subclass 143):
-> Be a permanent resident of Australia
-> Apply for Australian Citizenship
-> Enroll in social and welfare programs like Medicare.
-> Study in Australia
-> Work in Australia