(i) Canada PR Visa Processing Fees in India:

Canada permanent resident visa processing cost from India differs according to the immigration program you select to apply through. There are many options available to Indian citizens and selecting the best one depends entirely on the profile and requirements of the applicant. Further, the cost of a two-step permanent resident visa can be substantially higher. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have compiled the list of costs for a Canada permanent resident visa in Indian Rupees.

Canada Permanent Residency
The existence of multiple immigration programs makes it easier for candidates to get permanent resident status in Canada. Immigration norms in Canada are quite favorable as the country is trying to combat the issue of aging population. A nation that has lived under the shadow of the United States is now taking measures to boost its population and in turn its economy.

When it comes to permanent residency, Canada offers a wide range of options. The total Canada PR cost from India will be calculated on the basis of the immigration program you select and the number of accompanying family members. The Canada PR processing fees from India are a one-time fee that you must submit. Once you’ve paid the Canada pr processing fees from India, your Express Entry profile stays valid for at least 12 months. This means that your profile is included in all the draws during which it is valid.