B1 Temporary Visitor Visa for Business :

US B-1 temporary non-immigrant Business Visa is designed to assist foreigners in getting admission into the US shores and borders for purpose of expanding their business interests in the country. They may while being in the country carry out deliberations and negotiations, the market for sales or seek opportunities for investments, carry out investing or purchasing activities, partake in meetings and negotiations, conduct interviews and appoint workers and carry surveys of the market and business scenario in the country.

These short-term travelers are however not allowed to operate a business, enter into gainful employment, receive payments from a US-based agency within the borders of the country and take part in competitions as a professional.

Validity of Stay in the B-1 Status:
Originally the stay tenure allowed is one to six months but under certain conditions, the business visitors may be granted an extension of up to a maximum of 6 months. Maximum stay tenure allowed on B-1 status (including extension) on any single trip cannot generally extend beyond one year.

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